Tails & Trotters

General Information

Phone:   503.477.8682

Retail Hours:

Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm; Saturdays 10am - 4pm.


525 NE 24th Ave.



Farmer's Markets

PSU Farmers Market
Saturdays on the Park Blocks at PSU
April 8 - December 23
8:30am - 2pm
SE corner of the market (Broadway & Hall


It took a touch over a year, but we are finally reopened from our fire last February!

We have redesigned our shop to provide even more opportunities to enjoy our pork products, with increased seating, beer & wine, & more display space for a wide variety of treats to enjoy at home.

Orders for bacon, ham & sausages can be placed online for overnight shipping.


Visit our Facebook Page for news & progress!


We are offering 3 sizes of boneless hams for your Easter table this year:

  • Outside Ham: 8-10#, well marbled with fat cap; $10/lb (in-store price only)
  • Inside Ham: 4-6#, lightly marbled; $12/lb (in-store price only)
  • Sweetheart Ham: 2-3#, very lean; $12/lb (in-store price only)





For those that enjoy the challenge of "nose to tail" cooking, or just comforted by having a freezer full of provisions, we offer a Half Pig Program. For a flat fee ($650) you receive half of a 270lb pig, butchered to your specifications (with our guidance through defined choices) and packaged in clear, labeled vacuum-sealed bags. You can exchange portions for cured items for a nominal extra cost, and don't have to take all the bits you just won't use.

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