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Applewood Smoked Hams

Applewood Smoked Hams

All our hams start with a whole leg before being butchered into individual cuts, lightly brined and smoked over applewood. Our goal is a ham perfectly balanced with smoke and the natural sweetness of our hazelnut-finished pork.

Our whole-muscle hams are suited for both middle of a festive table, or sliced for sandwiches. Not as smoky or salty as a country ham, but far more flavor and texture than deli ham.

Bacon Collection

Bacon Collection

Even in the midst of an epoch of bacon, the breadth of bacon products is far wider than many assume. Made from either bellies or loins, bacon is a wonderfully perfect way to enjoy the delicious generosity of the pig.

Whether brined or dry-cured, our cured products are made to enhance the natural qualities of our hazelnut-finished pork. We age our cured bellies & loins for a period after curing and smoking to concentrate flavors.

All products are sliced and vacuum-packaged in bags of 6-8 slices.

Individual products are sold in units of 3 packages. Our Sampler contains 1 package of each product.

Cured Meats

Cured Meats

4oz packages of thinly sliced coppa, lonza & Prosciutto Pacifico


E-Gift Card

Gift Cards & Certs

The perfect way to share the deliciousness of Tails & Trotters with others!

Gift Certificates are printed and mailed to the recipient, and are redeemable for any items at our retail shop or farmers market.

E-Gift Cards are emailed to the recipient, and are redeemable for items purchased online only. Perfect for sharing with folks outside the Portland area.

Smoked Sausages

Our smoked sausages are smoked over applewood chips to give them a smoky note without overpowering the flavor of our hazelnut-finished pork.

All smoked sausages are vacuum-packed in bags of 2 links, averaging 3/4lbs. Smoked Brats are packaged in bags of 4 links, averaging 1lb.

Sold in units of 2 packages (4 links; 8 links for smoked brats).

Specialty Sausages

Specialty Sausages

A "Greatest Hits" collection of favorites from our butcher shop & farmers market, coming from a variety of tasty traditions.

Most are available vacuum-packaged in bags of 2 links, averaging ~.75lbs. Whiskey-Maple breakfast links are packed in bags of 4 links averaging 1/2lb.

Standard Variety Sausages

Standard Variety Sausages

Tails & Trotters sausages are made from a variety of different cuts, including shoulder, sirloin & leg as well as our hazelnut-finished pork fat.

These Standard Varieties are made at our wholesale production facility, and are pre-packaged in 1lb bags of 4 links. Some varieties are available in 1lb bulk (uncased)  packages as well.

All sausages are sold in units of 2pkgs. The Sausage Sampler contains 1 pkg links of each standard variety sausage.

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