Tails & Trotters

General Information

Phone:   503.477.8682

Retail Hours:

Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm; Saturdays 10am - 4pm.


525 NE 24th Ave.



Farmer's Markets

PSU Farmers Market
Saturdays on the Park Blocks at PSU
March 16 - December 21
8:30am - 2pm
SE corner of the market (Broadway & Hall

THIS WEEK'S SOUP (3/22-3/28/19)

Our soups are made from scratch, and always showcase something delicious available in our shop (even if it's just our rich stock). Soup is available in 8oz or 16oz portions, to go or to eat in our cozy shop.






  • Sweet Russian Cabbage: Cabbage, parsnips & bacon. Served with optional chunk of baguette.
  • Chili Verde: A "soupier" version of our New Mexico-style chile verde. Tender pork shoulder in a tomatillo + cilantro base. Served with cotija cheese & cilantro, plus optional chunk of baguette.

We serve each soup 2-3 days, so this list is approximate. Please call the shop to learn what is currently being served.

THIS WEEK'S SAUSAGES (3/22-3/28/19)

Tails & Trotters features a rotating cast of over 3 dozen fresh and smoked sausages. On any given week there are 3-6 varieties of fresh sausages available in the butcher case, and 1-2 varieties of smoked sausages (& LOTS more available in the display freezer).

  • Andouille (smoked)
  • "Ballpark Franks" (smoked)   
  • Kielbasa (smoked)
  • Basque (fresh)
  • Boudin Blanc (fresh, pre-poached)
  • Catalan (fresh)
  • Chorizo Verde (fresh)
  • Loukinaka (fresh)
  • Savory Apple (fresh)
  • Shiitake-Leek (fresh)



Our farmers market booth starts back up Saturday, March 16!

  • Butchery & Marinated Cuts
  • Porchetta & Table Ham
  • Sliced Sandwich Ham & Porkstrami
  • Over 20 varieties of fresh & smoked sausages
  • Award-winning pâté, rillettes & deviled ham
  • Bacons, guanciale, pancetta
  • 6 diverse varieties of pulled pork
  • Pasta sauces & pantry staples (ham hocks, salt pork, tasso ham)
  • Leaf lard & stock

Special orders for farmers market pickup can be placed via phone or email (3pm Friday deadline).



For those that enjoy the challenge of "nose to tail" cooking, or just comforted by having a freezer full of provisions, we offer a Half Pig Program. For a flat fee ($650) you receive half of a 270lb pig, butchered to your specifications (with our guidance through defined choices) and packaged in clear, labeled vacuum-sealed bags. You can exchange portions for cured items for a nominal extra cost, and don't have to take all the bits you just won't use.

Click here for more information.