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The Market Cured Meats & Sausages

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Aged Pancetta
rolled & sliced unsmoked Italian herb cured belly, aged 3-4 months

Tessa Pancetta
slab pancetta perfect for cubing into lardons for cooking

Back Bacon  
aka English or Proper Bacon, lighly herbal loin bacon

cured belly bacon: smoked, sugar-free smoked, unsmoked sweet, or pepper (unsmoked with a black pepper crust)

Bacon ends
lardons perfect for complimenting dishes

herb cured pork jowl, rich & aromatic

Jowl Bacon
pork jowl cured in our brown sugar bacon cure & applewood smoked - carbonara, pizza, or just snacking...

SAUSAGES (standard varieties)

BBQ, bun and beer….enough said!

British Brand
a sage infused homage to a British style country sausage

a smoky fresh sausage that works in both Spanish and Mexican dishes

Sweet Italian
anise, ginger & garlic perfume this classic

Spicy Italian
an old recipe that gets its kick from black pepper

an exotic twist on our Spicy Italian with chile pepper and a hint of North African spices

a French garlic sausage with white pepper and nutmeg; a cassoullet essential