Marketplace: Half Pig Program

For those with a freezer and the desire to stock up on quality pork for the long wet Oregon winter, Tails & Trotters offers a ½-pig “Share” program.

You purchase ½ of a pig at a flat rate, reserving the delivery date with a deposit. You decide how you would like us to butcher your share (we’ll give you choices to keep things manageable), including those parts you’d just assume not have. You are welcome to exchange portions for sausages or cured products (ham, bacon, pancetta, ham hocks, etc.) for a modest additional cost.

We will butcher your half pig according to your choices, and vacuum-package all your product labeled for your freezer.

We continue to develop a recipe library to help with ideas for some of the lesser-known cuts, and we are always available for questions via email.

Shares are available to be picked up at the shop only (NE 24th between Glisan & Sandy).

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