Here are some of our favorite ways to prepare our pork, arranged by regions of cuts. We will update this regularly, and will date recipes as they are added. Please email us your favorites if you'd like us to share them!


Dry Rubs basic guidelines to dry rubs - especially good for ribs or slow-cooked dishes


Carnivale (Brisket): a sweet/salty brined & braised dish ideal for a holiday party

Porchetta (Picnic): savory roasts, grilled or oven-roasted—perfect for center-plate or hoagies

Posole (Brisket, Jowel, Picnic): hominy stew flavored with garlic and chiles


Bacon (Belly): a brief introduction to curing belly

Fresh Belly Roast (Belly): a surprisingly rich and not-greasy way to enjoy this under appreciated cut


Loin Roast (Loin): one of our favorite stand-byes, and infinitely adaptable.


Tuscan Leg Roast (Leg): another twist on porchetta, from a fantastic book titled Ham: An Osession With the Hindquarter, by Burce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough.