Wholesale Products

We custom butcher our wholesale products under USDA-Inspection which are available regionally through Nicky, USA or nationally through Foods in Season. Please contact us at info@tailsandtrotters.com or call us at 503.477.8682 for a current price list and availability.

1/2 Pig in Boxed Primals

with or without head; 130-140lb avg; in 3 boxes; head boxed separately

Individual Primals

Basic trimming to specification will be provided at no charge – call for more details

  • Shoulder
    Hock/trotter separate, unless specified
  • Belly/Loin
    48 – 58lb avg.
    Can be split at no extra charge
  • Leg
    30lb avg.



  • Coppa
    4-6lbs premium portion of Butt
  • Brisket
    2-3lbs, skin-on; 2/pkg
  • Presa/Secreto
    2lb avg. premium portion of brisket
  • Picnic
    10-15lbs, boneless, skin-off


    • Whole Loin
      30-35lb, skin-on, fat-cap on, chine-on or chine-off
    • Arista Loin
      10-13lb, skin-off chine-off rib rack portion of loin
    • Center-cut Loin
      6-8lb, skin-off chine-off center portion of loin
    • Loin Chops
      skin & chine-off center or rib-end chops; 1/2", 3/4" or 1" thick
    • Tenderloin
      1.5-lb avg.


    • Outside Round
      7-10lb outside round boneless roast, w/ skin & fat cap
    • Inside Round
      4-6lb inside round boneless leg roast
    • Sirloin Tip
      2-3lb boneless leg roast


    • Whole Belly
      19-23lbs, bone-in, skin-on, leaf-fat on
    • Trimmed Belly
      15-18lb, boneless, skin-on, leaf-fat out
    • Shortribs
      bone-in shortribs, ~5#avg. per belly
    • Porchetta
      32-40lbs boned belly-loin primal, ready for seasoning & roasting


    • boneless, brine-cured & applewood smoked, individually packaged
    • Outside
      7-10 lb, well-marbled w/ fat cap
    • Inside
      4-5 lb, lightly marbled from Inside Round
    • Sweetheart
      2-3 lb, very lean, from Sirloin Tip


      1lb packages bulk or links (4)
      • Bratwurst
        BBQ, bun and beer….enough said!
      • British Brand
        a sage infused homage to a British style country sausage
      • Chorizo
        a smoky fresh sausage that works in both Spanish and Mexican dishes
      • Sweet Italian
        anise, ginger & garlic perfume this classic
      • Spicy Italian
        an old recipe that gets its kick from black pepper
      • Sardinian
        an exotic twist on our Spicy Italian with chile pepper and a hint of North African spices
      • Toulouse
        a French garlic sausage with white pepper and nutmeg; a cassoullet essential


        • Bones
        • Cheek Medallions
        • Ears
        • Back Fat
        • Leaf Fat
        • Ground Pork 1lb & 5lb packages
        • Head, whole
        • Heart
        • Hocks
        • Osso Buco
        • Liver
        • Jowls
        • Ribs, spare riblets
        • Ribs, st. louis
        • Skinned Foreshanks
        • Skin
        • Snouts
        • Tails
        • Tongue
        • Trotters, split or whole