Our Pigs

We Take Swine Seriously

The quality of life of our pigs is of paramount importance to the quality of all Tails & Trotters products. We work closely with a family farm in Washington who produces our pigs. The farm is certified by the Food Alliance for meeting comprehensive standards for sustainable agricultural and business practices.

What We Feed Our Pigs

Our pigs are fed a diverse diet that is specifically formulated to their growth needs. Many of the grains are raised by our grower, and include wheat, barley, triticale, peas and flax. Corn and soybeans are never fed, and our grower has 3rd party verification that its feeds are GMO free by.

They are never administered antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulants, or animal byproducts in ANY form (pigs that become sick and require medication are removed from our program, treated and sold through conventional channels after the requisite waiting period).


It’s what makes Tails & Trotters pork so special! Traditionally, pigs produced for prosciutto are fed a special “finishing” diet for their last 60–90 days where a large portion of their feed is replaced with hazelnuts (aka filberts). Finishing provides increased flavor to the fat and meat, as well as produces the necessary intramuscular and subcutaneous (under the skin) fat cover necessary for prosciutto production—our main long-term objective.

While the Northwest isn’t good acorn country, it is renowned for its hazelnuts!


Processing is an unpleasant, but necessary step in producing quality meats. Our pigs are processed at a regional facility under USDA Inspection. We butcher and package T&T pork ourselves under USDA Inspection at our Portland facility.

Our Partners

It takes partnerships at every step for us to provide you the best nut-finished pork we can. We are truly a regional collaboration, and we are truly grateful all their hard work!

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