Swine & Smoke

School is just about out here in the Northwest and the days are gloriously long, sunny and warm. All signs point to the start of the serious BBQ & grilling season. Lazy days and casual nights on the back patio with friends & family are the perfect setting to combine swine & smoke. Whether you like to grill, BBQ or smoke your pig we've got a cut for you that will be sure to make your neighbors beg for an invite.

Secreto - this "secret" Spanish pictured above cut just loves a lick of flame and a slow kiss of some smoke to produce tender, juicy results.
Chops & Tenderloin - perfect for quick, unfussy weeknights. They are great just simply seasoned but do love a rub or marinade too.
Ribs & Picnic Shoulder - rich meat and the right amount of fat love a low & slow smoke are the keys to tender, juicy results.
Skirt Steaks & Bavette - 2 to 3 minutes per side over a hot grill will result in a delectable seared crust and a nice pink interior.
Coppa - a versatile cut with amazingly rich meat streaked with flavorful fat, coppa can be slow roasted on the grill or smoked whole or it can be cut into inch or so steaks and slow grilled.
Marinated Cuts & Kabobs - we have an ever evolving selection of ready to grill items in a global array of flavors. Just fire up the grill and dinner is mere minutes away.
Sausages - with a rotating line up of over 15 varieties of sausages we are pretty much guaranteed to have a link to please everyone.

Be sure to check out our great selection of rub and sauces to make your summer cooking season even more delicious.


Our sandwich counter continues to expand its offerings. Open from 11am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri, 11am - 4pm Saturdays.

We are happy to accommodate catering orders with 2 days notice for sandwiches, deli platters, hors d'oeuvres (pate, rilletes, cured meats) & salads.


BISTRO SANDWICHES - simple, petit sandwiches in the French style  $6.25
Ham - w/ salted butter & Dijon mustard on a petit baguette  
Country Pate - w/ Dijon mustard & cornichons on a petit baguette 
Smooth Liver Pate - w/ onion confit & Dijon mustard on a petit baguett
BANH MI - Vietnamese-style sandwich w/ pickled carrot & daikon, cucumber, jalapeno, cilantro & Asian herb mayo on a fresh bakery roll
Smooth Liver Pate & Corned Brisket - $9
Marinated Pork Skirt Steak - $10
SIMPLY CLASSIC HAM · Ham, gruyere or Tillamook sharp cheddar, lettuce, mayo, Dijon mustard on Como bread  $9

THE GRINDER - T&T house cured coppa & ham, shredded iceberg lettuce, house spicy fennel relish, provolone piccante & garlic aioli* on a toasted Ciabatta roll  $11

ROAST PORK - T&T house spice-rubbed roast pork, provolone picante, arugula, pickled fennel, Mama Lil’s spicy peppers & garlic aioli* on a fresh bakery roll  $9.50
-also available as a salad for a gluten-free option

LIL’ HAVANA HOAGIE - Cuban Mojo roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, lettuce, cilantro, garlic aioli*, yellow mustard on a fresh bakery roll  $9.50
-also available as a salad for a gluten-free option

PORKSTRAMI ON RYE - T&T porkstrami, mustardy cole slaw & mayo on rye  $11


GRILLED 3 CHEESE · House blend of sharp cheddar, Swiss & Asiago w/a touch of Dijon mustard on sliced como bread  $6

T&T applewood smoked ham, 3 cheese blend, a touch of Dijon mustard on sliced como bread  $9

Prosciutto, fresh mozzerella, arugula & salsa rossa, pressed on a ciabatta roll  $9.50

T&T Porkstrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut & house-made thousand island dressing on rye  $11

 · A rotating selection of regional & global styles of pulled pork served on a fresh bakery roll  $9.50

THE CUBANO · House-spiced mojo roast pork dipped in a rich garlic, cumin, citrus jus w/T&T applewood smoked ham, swiss, dill pickle, yellow mustard & garlic aioli*, pressed on a ciabatta roll  $10

SOUP of the DAY  12oz- $5.75   16oz- $7   32oz- $11.75  RETIRED FOR SUMMER BREAK - WILL RETURN WITH THE FALL RAINS!

add Mama Lil's pickled peppers to any sandwich - $0.50
add cheese to any sandwich - $1

*Garlic aioli contains raw egg yolks. ODA requires that we remind you that consuming raw eggs may increase your risk of foodbourne illness.